Our Story

At the heart of our story is the family orchard and we’ve come a long way since young William and John Chivers
made their first ever jam in 1873. Soon, they were making delicious Chivers jam all year round, diversifying
into splendid marmalades and even pioneering a clear dessert jelly in 1889.
That’s when the boys met the inventive engineer, Charles Lack, who shared their passion for innovation.
Together they developed the finest canning machinery in Europe and by 1895 Chivers Jams had become a household name.

By 1939, our exceptionally tasty jam was produced by an impressive three thousand full time employees!
Today, Chivers Jams are one of the leaders in Ireland with our standard and low calorie Jelly Pots made locally in Drogheda, Co.
Louth and following in the innovative spirit of William and John, we’ve just re-launched an improved recipe and new Marmalade range,
adding more fruity sweetness to our portfolio!