Rainbow Jelly Desserts


Choose 3-4 of your favourite Chivers Jelly Tablet flavours, Strawberry, Lemon, Orange, Lime or Blackcurrant.

6-8 small clear pots or party wear cups – just make sure they’re clear so you can see the rainbow through them.

You will also need a little patience – but the end result is worth it, we promise!


Making up one flavour at a time a time (following pack instructions), pour a little into each pot and let the jelly set completely in the fridge before you add the next colour.

Top Tip: Always allow your jelly mix to cool slightly (not set) before pouring into your containers. If each layer hasn’t set the colours will bleed together so be patient. 2-3 hours chilling in your fridge should be plenty between pours.


To finish

Before serving finish off each pot with fresh whipped cream and a good old sprinkle of hundreds and thousands.  Enjoy

Rainbow Jelly Desserts