Raspberry & Lime Jelly Cups


Looking for a light and fresh summer dessert?  Well why not try this super easy Chivers Raspberry & Lime Jelly Cup topped with Greek style yoghurt.


135g pack of Chivers Raspberry jelly tablets (or Chivers Sugar Free Jelly Crystals)

100g of fresh Raspberries cut in half

1 tablespoon of lime juice or half a fresh lime squeezed

200ml Greek style natural yogurt

Makes 4 desserts – depending on size of cups used




Following the pack instructions make up the Jelly tablets letting it cool slightly before adding the lime juice.
Pour the jelly half way into each glass leaving a space later to add the yoghurt.
Before the jelly cools, pop in a few raspberries. Reserve a few pieces to garnish.
Place in the fridge for about 2 hours, until set.
Top with a layer of yoghurt and few of the reserved pieces of fruit to serve.


Raspberry & Lime Jelly Cups