Summer Trifle


2 packets of Chivers Raspberry Jelly tablets

350g of ready to serve custard

100g of trifle sponge

350ml of whipped cream

Strawberry & Raspberries to serve


Dissolve the two jelly packets separately following pack instructions.

Chop the sponge into little pieces and mash into the bottom of the dish or jar you will be serving in.  Old jam jars or large glasses work a treat for individual portions or just use a large glass bowl and serve from that.

Pour the jelly on top of the sponge and put in the fridge to set for 24 hours. Then with the other jelly in a separate bowl allow that to set for same time too.

When both bowls are set, remove from fridge. Taking the jelly with sponge, spread a layer of custard on top.  Then mash the second bowl of jelly (without the sponge) so it loosens and is spoonable!  Add a layer of this to the custard and then add a generous spoon of whipped cream,

Add whatever toppings you like – raspberries, strawberries or why not just add some sprinkles to make an exciting treat for the kids!

Summer Trifle